Ocean Health Village


We transform sea and city into exclusive experiences


As the first Ocean Health Village activity, literacy on issues of marine and ecosystem protection for the purposes of environmental and social sustainability meets the cause of inclusion and neurodiversity, creating formal and informal learning opportunities.

Together, we learn to deliver key skills to address issues linked to sustainable development to students of all ages, providing structured tools and practices and developing a new concept of educational pathway.

A community-building project involving outdoor activities that forms part of the IOC-UNESCO programmes for the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development in Italy.

Over the course of three training days aimed at educators, teachers, families and social workers, we map all the areas in the Fregene municipality of natural, sporting and workshop-related interest, which in the future will see the city transformed into a school and the school into a city. In this way, we establish new educational standards in which the relevant cognitive and relational processes come together as part of a community development and outdoor activity.

The areas explored in the course, aimed at linguistic, geographic-social, mathematical-scientific-technological and artistic-creative literacy, are profoundly linked to relationships, touching upon emotional-affective interaction, social communication and the values that are generated in the context of school life and outdoor experiences.

TARGET Municipal schools in Fregene. Teachers, trainers, social workers, families

WHEN 28, 29, 30 June 2021

FORMAT 12 hours of training across 3 sessions

PARTNERS IOC-UNESCO, Scuole Naturali, Associazione Manes, Studio Held, EFM